ANSER Coding Inc.

Business Profile: ANSER

Introduction ANSER Coding Inc. is a global manufacturer and distributor of state-of-the-art data coding and product identification technologies that can be utilized across all verticals of the retail industry. Known for consistently innovating its printing technology, ANSER assists conglomerates like IKEA and Costco Wholesale in optimizing their data-coding systems. History Established in the year 1982, ANSER began…

industrial printers

Business Profile: Zebra

A leading manufacturer of data computation technologies, Zebra has been a well-known name for providing excellent traceability services since 1969. The company designs and manufactures state-of-the-art mobile computation systems and printing technologies all across the globe through registered resellers, distributors and end users. History Incorporated in 1969, Zebra started as a producer of fast paced…

The role of traceability in the pharmaceutical industry

Boosting Security in the Pharmaceutical Industry with Traceability

Enhanced serialization and improved supply chain management are rapidly gaining importance across all retail sectors. However, for the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring good traceability holds an even greater significance. This is because the need for improved drugs and better healthcare services is now more dominant than ever. While this benefits the licensed manufacturers, it also opens…


Microscan Blog: Off-Line vs. In-Line Label Inspection and Verification

Check out this new blog post on Microscan’s web site. It chats about inspection and verification for barcodes/labels, including the pros and cons of off-line and in-line inspections. Struggling to decide how to set up your label verification system accurately, or just interested in learning about drawbacks of various set-ups? Read the blog here: Is…