Microscan Blog: Off-Line vs. In-Line Label Inspection and Verification

Check out this new blog post on Microscan’s web site. It chats about inspection and verification for barcodes/labels, including the pros and cons of off-line and in-line inspections. Struggling to decide how to set up your label verification system accurately, or just interested in learning about drawbacks of various set-ups? Read the blog here: Is…

RFID in the airline industry

How RFID is used in Airline Baggage Tags

RFID is a relatively simple technology that is proving to have multiple uses in today’s modern world. Right now, it is commonly used in the supply and logistic industry, in toll payment, and in IoT applications. In the last few years, RFID use has also started to gain traction in airports around the world. What…

printing on plastics

Printing on Plastics: What you need to know

The need to print on plastics is becoming increasingly necessary for many businesses. Beyond paper, innovative technology employed by inkjet printers today allows businesses to print directly on plastic products. Therefore, it’s essential for business owners to be aware of the kind of plastics that are commonly available in the market and the types of…