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A leading manufacturer of data computation technologies, Zebra has been a well-known name for providing excellent traceability services since 1969. The company designs and manufactures state-of-the-art mobile computation systems and printing technologies all across the globe through registered resellers, distributors and end users.


Incorporated in 1969, Zebra started as a producer of fast paced electromechanical products. It shifted its manufacturing focus from mechanical products to custom designed labelling and ticketing systems in 1986 and registered itself as a publicly traded company in 1991. Since then Zebra has expanded its scope across all verticals associated with tracking and computing systems, expanding into RFID manufacturing in 2004 and advanced data capture communication systems in 2014.


The core legacy segment of Zebra comprises of designing, manufacturing and marketing label and ticket printing systems and Real Time Location Systems (RTLS). Their wide catalogue of products consists of thermal printers, industrial printers used to print plastic cards and laminated wristbands and RFID printers. These devices are employed across all sectors of the economy including tracking and identification systems for the medical and transport industry, ATM cards and employee ID systems.

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In its enterprise segment, the company is known for designing, developing and manufacturing mobile computation systems. Its range of mobile computing products includes barcode scanners, image capture devices and RFID readers. These systems are utilized for operations like inventory management, field tracking and workflow management across industrial sectors of retail, transport and E-commerce. Zebra also provides WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) services such as controllers and access points and indoor locationing facilities. To know more about adapting these traceability practices for your business, contact our experts today.

Competitive Advantages

As one of the largest global manufacturers of tracking and computing devices, Zebra competes with conglomerates like Apple, Honeywell, and Fujian. Zebra’s products and services are known for their innovation, accessibility and the ease of operations they offer. Zebra keeps a step ahead of their competitors by offering a complete package of end-to-end services, as well as excellent accessibility through their wide network of resellers and distributors. To know more about these products and how these services can be adapted to your operations, contact Jet Marking Systems today.

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